Gale Dialogue

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Used to display dialogue for NPCs, the player, or other. Can also display audio files, if applicable.


|<npc ; player ; other>

  • Indent - indents the template; accepted parameters: true, double
  • Answer - the player's choice dialogue corresponding to the dialogue selection
  • NPC, Player, Other - specifies the template to be used, Template:NPC. If other, no template is used.
    • Accepted parameters only: NPC, Player, Other
  • Who - who is speaking, ie: Gale
    • When Other is specified on the first parameter, you can insert a file, but the image must be 30px.
  • Dialogue - the dialogue
  • Audio - the audio file, in full (File:....ogg), hidden if unspecified or left blank
  • Reward - rewards, ex: relationship points, items

Sample usage

{{dialogue|npc|Ginger|I really like making small trinkets, but it's hard for me to gather the raw materials. I don't want to bother the rest of the family since they're all so busy.|[[File:Ginger ED 004.ogg]]}}

{{dialogue|other|Rat King|Art thou the one that ended my son?!}}

{{dialogue|other|[[File:Boss Rogue Knight.png|30px]]|Did you like that demonstration? Can you now fully grasp what the potential is for this machine?}}
Ginger ED 004
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